Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is based on dynamic quality principles.

Our main goal is; 

  • To be always prefferable with our Product Quality and  on-time deliveries.


Our targets are ;

  • To reach new markets and customers without compromising our promises of qualified production by taking the relevant parties and legal conditions into account,

  • To ensure continuity of customer / parties satisfaction and increasing satisfaction

  • To provide a strategic management approach in all external matters concerning the organization,

  • To meet customer targets and expectations by our product and service quality 

  • To improve productivity through continuous development of our employees, to provide efficiency in solutions by team activities,

  • To increase profitability and to improve effciency continuosly by adhering to Integrated Quality Management System

  • To improve all processes by prioritizing Risk&Opportunity approach.

  • To ensure correct production at the first time and at the right time by the participation of all our employees

  • To improve our production quality and product diversity  continuously  by following technological developments

  • To create ATESAN brand in the sector and to be our customers' priority preference,

Kapsam : metal parça işleme, komponent üretimi, montaj ve satışı

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